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Kasen Ibaraki. Oni with Super Strength. Can be stopped by being tackled by a regular human.

Despite a lot of heartbreaking moments, this Film Comic still stars the main character of the comedic Touhou Ibarakasen ~ Wild and Horned Hermit, and features many comedic moments as a result.

Unmarked spoilers below.

  • Pretty much the entire party from the first episode, with Suika and Yuugi taking part in Mundane Made Awesome rock paper scissors as all of the other oni except for Kasen panic as their battle destroys mountains and sends everyone flying into the air.
  • The Boss Subtitles for child oni Kasen calls her "Horned Dumpling"
  • When Kasen and Yoshika first meet, the former tries to escape by calling Kume so that she can fly away. So we get to see both Kasen and her pet panic as Yoshika tackles them out of the air (pictured above). Cut to later where Kume has bandages from the crash and Yoshika is begging to Kasen to make her a hermit. The kicker? She tied Kasen to a tree to prevent her from escaping.
    • What makes Yoshika managing to keep Kasen from escaping even funnier is the realization that oni have Super Strength while Yoshika was just a regular human at the time. So a regular human not only managed to knock a giant eagle out of the air, but she also managed to overpower an oni to tie her to a tree.
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    • After Kasen demands to be untied, Yoshika gets surprised... and begins to happily introduce herself.
    Kasen: "That's not what I asked, though!?"
    • Yoshika constantly emits Bishie Sparkles during her introduction, and when Kasen pretends to want to train Yoshika, she sparkles too!
  • The Good-Times Montage gives us some good laughs with Kasen's pets constantly messing with Yoshika and the poet eavesdropping on Kasen reading the books about barriers. We also get an instance of Yoshika dragging Kasen into a lake with her and the oni trying to fully submerge her into the water in frustration. And the memetic "shocked chibi Kasen" face from Wild and Horned Hermit appears right after the montage ends.
  • In some Mood Whiplash between the heartwarming scenes of Kasen's confession and Yoshika convincing Kasen to become a hermit, we get Yoshika stuffing peaches into Kasen's mouth to get her to stop talking.
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  • In the flashback explaining Seiga's backstory we see how she met Kan Kaku. He broke into her house and slept beside her during the night. She is understandably upset and punches him in the gut.
  • During Kasen's fight with Suika, she manages to swap out her gourd with a fake (which is labelled as such and has a drawing of Kasen giving a mocking face on it for some reason) containing the poisoned sake. This results in Suika having terrible aim for her attacks and seeing double. The problem? Kasen miscalculated and drunk some of it too once Suika used the gourd to fill up her sake box. So we get to see them fighting super drunk.
  • Right before the credits and after Yoshika's death, the English translation from the Youtube version gives us a case of Spice Up the Subtitles to provide some Mood Whiplash:
    "The translator, too, has finally given in and died during this scene - from dehydration through crying and a heart attack caused by too much heartache..."
  • During the Creative Closing Credits for the final episode, we are shown Seiga, dressed as Santa Claus, telling the events of the series to a group of faries, which includes tanned Cirno (who has some snot dripping from her nose).


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