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     Character Comedy Era 

     Food Videos Era 
  • The end of his French Fry Challenge video. Throughout the video Shane makes it clear that he hates Wendy's and loves McDonald's. At 3:44 he says that he "can't imagine Wendy's tasting good". Immediately after he grabs the Wendy's fries and mistakes it for McDonald's food. When he takes off the blindfold, his conspiracy theory music plays and he's speechlesss.

     Shane Squad/Docuseries Era 
  • The Queen character Shane spontaneously creates in his Diamond Play Button Unboxing is hilariously egotistical, eccentric, and rude, and clearly not in any position to be holding said mindsets. Garrett and Ryland come to dread the Queen's emergence, which makes it all the funnier.
    • When soda is spilled on the box and nobody has something to wipe it up:
    Queen Shane: YOU'RE LUCKY I'M TRASH! *slurps soda directly off box**
    • The Queen's pronunciation of "book" and "neighborhood" puts emphasis on the double "o", making it sound like a bad attempt at a snobbish accent.
    • The sharp gasps the Queen makes after every outrageous remark.
    • Ryland is confused in whether or not he is Queen Shane's boyfriend or assistant. The Queen says he is an assistant...
    Queen: To my cohck.
  • When touring the new office, the Queen apparently uses the bathroom to get clean from the "nice" comments on YouTube. Garrett suggests the Queen actually means sweat, and the Queen continues.
    Queen: All the nice comments I get about my bo-dy!

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