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  • "Shark Puppet The Artist" (a Crossover with The Joy of Painting)
    • The fact that the music at the party consists of nothing but Shark Puppet's rap music on a loop.
    • When Shark offers to help a girl with her painting, she calls him a carnivore and throws paint at him. When he complains, the girl tells him that it's unfortunate that he can't tell anyone about it because nobody cares.
    • Shark Puppet's reaction when Bob Ross attempts to put "happy trees" in his painting.
    • Shark Puppet takes the opportunity to ruin Bob's painting while he is singing along to "Buckets", leading to Bob claiming that he's ruining a video that he himself is filming, which confuses Shark Puppet.
    • Shark Puppet scolds Bob for stealing other people's paint.
    • Shark Puppet changing the lyrics to "Buckets" when he sings it to the girl who refused to get help from him to "If I see ya, I will eat ya like a veal cutlet parmasean!". She then gives a disgusted look as a boy laughs in the background, which causes the instructor to wonder what is funny.
    • Shark Puppet calling Bob Ross' paint "fake" because he isn't using it.
    • Shark Puppet presenting his painting to the class. Everyone cheers for it despite it just being random blobs of paint and "CHEESE!" written underneath. Once again, Bob intervines and attempts to paint happy trees on the image, only for the Shark Puppet to headbutt him and get paint on his clothes.
      • During this scene, you can hear a boy request for "Christmas Time" to be played.
    • Shark Puppet then proceeds to call a boy's painting trash, with the boy claiming that Shark Puppet himself looks like trash because he got paint all over himself.
    • Another kid asks why Shark got paint all over himself. He then asks if he wants a kiss, but the kid refuses it.
    • Shark telling Bob Ross that drying a painting by fanning an paint palette over it isn't effective.
    • Bob Ross claiming that someone's shark looks like a frog, only for a teen boy to tell him his own face looks like a frog. He doesn't take this compliment well, claiming it's a terrible thing to say to someone as famous as him.
    • Towards the end of class, a group of painters come in to paint the building, only to be shooed away by the instructor.
    • When Bob Ross shows off his final painting, Shark Puppet headbutts the canvas, which breaks it.
  • Shark Puppet's Crazy Easter!
    • Sexy Steve's "Hi, my name is Steve!" Running Gag at the beginning of the video.
    • Sexy Steve tries to help the kids cook a hard-boiled egg, but he cracks it open instead.
    • Sexy Steve drinking the eye dye.
    • Todd bangs his head on the table when his egg rolls off the table.
    • Shark coloring the yellow egg with cheese.
    • Steve calling the kids' idea to steal the Easter Bunny "sexy".
  • "Shark Puppet's Thanskgiving Disaster!"
    • Shark buys five packs of SpongeBob SquarePants-themed Kid Cuisine to serve at dinner.
    • Shark hitting the "Onions" button when paying for his items.
    • Shark's "stuffing" is Easy Cheese and a bagged loaf of bread.
    • Shark thinking the turkey is well-cooked when it clearly looks raw.
    • The fact that most of the guests are dressed in silly costumes, ranging from Ronald McDonald to someone wearing a turkey-shaped hat.
    • The cop disguising as a chicken.
    • The lady with the feathered turkey headband claims she will leave a bad review on Yelp for Shark's house.
    • When Pennywise tries to cut the turkey, it slides off the table because it came back to life.
  • "Last To Leave Pool of Cheese Balls Gets $1,000,000!" (a parody of Mr. Beast)
    • People questionining Shark's idea when he first announces it.
    • "Contestant Number 2, we have"
    • Dad's reaction during the first 10 minutes is "Talk about cheesy feet!".
    • Tekashi saying the pool is cheesy like the girls he has been with.
    • Everyone freaking out when Shark's dad announces his Potty Emergency and pees in the cheese ball pool. This is what causes him to quit the challenge.
    • Pennywise and Tekashi using cheese balls like cigarettes
    • The girl constantly lampshading the fake time cards not reflecting the real filming time.
    • Pennywise and the girl doing yoga in the pool.
    • The girl calling her dog a cheese ball, causing Shark to try and eat it.
    • Pennywise dancing to "Buckets".
    • One of the toys Shark gives the contestants is a Baby Shark pinata.
    • Shark's dad reacting to Pennywise playing the maracas.
    • In the end, the girl wins, and she is angry upon finding out that the prize was $1 and not a million dollars like Shark originally stated.
  • "Shark Puppet's Birthday Party!"
    • Todd wears a Peppa Pig hat as a face mask. Shark even lampshades how weird this is.
    • Todd decides to scare off two humans who come by by spraying them.
    • Instead of "Hot!" during the "Pin The Fin On The Shark" game, Sexy Steve yells "Sexy!" repeatedly.
    • The pinata is the Baby Shark pinata from the cheese ball pool video.
    • "Happy birthday, dear Shark Puppet!" (to Todd) "Your singing sucks!"
  • "Shark Puppet's Food Shortage Problem!"
    • Shark freaking out when he loses Call of Duty.
    • Shark's reaction to the long line at the grocery store.
    • Shark tries to lure the fish with cheese curls.
    • Shark's successful baits are his friend Todd and the banana that he lost.
    • Shark thinking the carrots are cheese sticks.

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