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  • He has several different video intros he likes to do, including this one.
  • This video, in which Shad just goofs off.
  • Shad made a video on using a shield on horseback. At the meantime, he keeps getting distracted by his homemade horse.
    • He made this video in memory of "Frederick". Frederick is the name of his horse; at the end of the video, Shad gets so angry he rips Frederick's head off, but immediately comes to regret.
  • His Mind Screw-y collaboration with Thomas Riley from Medieval Review. In Shad's evolution of the sword video, Riley interrupts the video (and scares the living daylights out of Shad) because Shad interrupted his evolution of armor video... except that the two men did not complete their own videos and they somehow interrupted each other anyway. The best explanation Shad could think of is "wibbly wobbly, timey wimey".
  • Shad did a collaboration video with Raffaello Urbani (aka The Metatron), Antony Cummins, and Riley, in which they take on five of the most common misconceptions regarding medieval warfare and equipment. The Metatron, Cummins, and Riley say they will take on five misconceptions about the samurai, ninja, and European medieval armor, respectively. Shad, however, says he will address the five most common ways on how to tie shoelaces with teeth... before saying that he really is addressing the five most common sword myths.
    • Joel Sutherland of Knight Squire, acting as "Ninja Eugene", made a satirical response video in which at one point he claims to be better at tying shoelaces with his teeth than Shad. Shad made this video and took on the challenge.
  • Shad's collaborations with his brother Jazza.
    • In this video, Shad comments on the realism and architectural accuracy of Jazza's castle. Later in the video, Jazza appears and they pretend to talk to each other as medievalist professors. At one point in the video, Shad even alludes to Frederick! And he admits that he killed him!
    • Another collaboration, in which Shad and Jazza test each other's armour, break some 3D printed swords, and generally act silly.
    • Here, Shad attempts to show Jazza, with limited success, how to properly fight with a sword. Hilarity Ensues.
  • In his "Best melee weapon for mecha GIANT ROBOTS, Sci-Fi Re-Armed" video, he at one point starts to discuss how a Giant Mecha's weapons would fare against "Monstrous, fleshy creatures" (as opposed to other giant mecha, which he had just finished discussing). The instant he says this, a photo of Harvey Weinstein is shown.
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  • In keeping with his nitpicking of historical combat, he takes a swing at the Spartan Kick from Odyssey, but before that, he decides to try the Spartan Kick on an opponent and the opponent exploded. Normally, that would be the end of the introduction, but Shad was surprised his opponent exploded and then there were more explosions, forcing Shad to take cover and run.
  • One of his videos was titled "Skallagrim CALLS OUT Shadiversity." Normally, you'd expect videos titled like that to mean that the subject of said video doing a reaction to the calling out. Rather, Shad opens up to him reacting to Skallagrim reacting to the first trailer of Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot, nodding in agreement with Skallagrim several times on how bad it is. Then, Skallagrim sees the show's Excalibur.
    Skallagrim: "Horrendously cheap wallhanger Excalibur, check. I mean it's exactly the same, low quality, dysfunctional, wallhanger piece of junk that has been floating around the market for... probably decades at this point."
    Shad: *stops smiling, thinks for several moments, moves his chair to the side to reveal "exactly the same, low quality, dysfunctional, wallhanger piece of junk that has been floating around the market" on his wall, and holds it in his hand as Skallagrim's words echoes* "I... I did complain about it in my videos." *drops Excalibur, goes off to grab a more historically accurate longsword, hugs it, and starts rocking back and forth as screen fades to black* "I love historically accurate swords, I love historically accurate swords, I love historically accurate swords, I love historically accurate swords!"
    Skallagrim later in the comments: Suddenly a bunch of comments like '"you hurt Shad"'... I did what now? Someone links to this video, I take a look. So what's this..." notices THE THING in the background
    eyes narrow into death glare "How could you..."
    Shad in the comments: "I have shamed myself. . ."
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  • After Shad bought some land where he intends to open a medieval castles museum, in the next video he tells his brother he's come up with a name for the place. He wants to call it "Brookland" (after his surname, Brooks). When his brother points out that that sounds almost identical to the name of a major US city, Shad completely loses it because he never even noticed that!
  • After presenting a possible method of drawing a spear and bow from the back (by tying a blunted nail onto the spear or bow and taping a hollowed cylinder onto a baldric, he does an early 1900's-style advertisement in which he promotes this contraption to Shadrick the Adventurer and makes a joke at the expense of Disney and Disney+. Shadrick reading the prompts in the most stilted manner just adds to the humor.


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