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Funny / Scar Tissue

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  • Asuka brings Shinji a stew, Shinji tries it...and burps. It was even funnier due to the serious situation and tense atmosphere.
  • Asuka jokes she nearly expected Rei to be the one who hired the assassin to shoot her. Rei replies she would not hire an incompetent rookie.
  • Misato quit her job. She returned the next day, and Ritsuko knew what she was about to say, exactly. Misato asked her if she had inserted a chip in her brain and Ritsuko retorted if she had done that, the bug would have malfunctioned due to the gallons of beer Misato drinks.
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  • At Asuka's birthday party, we get this exchange between Misato and Rei:
    Rei: Sub-Commander, please remove your fingers from my plate.

    Misato: Aww, Rei, that is so not fair! You're the only one who got a veggie dish, I wanna! I'm hungry for veggie lasagna!\\ Rei: You will starve.


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