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Say It Thrice

  • Not only does Betelgeuse read Lydia's journal, he also writes comments in it and has entire conversations with her in it.
    • And in the prequel, we learn that the reason he starts doing so is because he's annoyed that she spelled his name wrong. He considers "Beetlejuice" to be almost offensive.
  • The instant that Betelgeuse refers to Sam as Danny's girlfriend, the boy immediately drops the She Is Not My Girlfriend line. Needless to say, Betelgeuse continues to refer to Sam that way afterwards.
  • Betelgeuse asks if Barbara is single yet. And comments on Delia's appearance.
  • During a scene where the Fentons are discussing a Ghost Shield for Aunt Melinda, a very odd Brick Joke from way back at the end of Beetlejuice finally gets its punchline.
    "Number 9,998,383,750,000? Would Number 9,998,383,750,000 please report to the desk? Number 9,998,383,750,000, You're up."
    • What makes this line hilarious is that Beetlejuice skipped the line way back at the beginning of Say It Again, and hasn't even been IN the Waiting Room for several MONTHS by this time.
  • Tucker makes a comment about how smoking is bad for people's health. Juno doesn't seem impressed.
  • The very first thing Betelgeuse does when he meets the Fentons? Hit on Jazz and Maddie.
    • Which makes Danny annoyed since another ghost is trying to date his mom.
  • Jazz's line: "Mr. Livingston, I presume?" (Referencing the famous line about Sir Henry Morton Stanley's search in Africa for the explorer David Livingstone.)
  • This beautiful moment, courtesy of Betelgeuse, when he realizes Melinda additionally messed with his memories of Lydia's name, not just hers of his shortly after figuring out there's been a misunderstanding between him and Danny:
    Danny was then treated to a very colorful and descriptive tirade that would've been censored heavily even to qualify for an R rated film. The Ghost With The Most seemed determined to use every curse in existence in the most creative manner possible. Danny thought he might have stopped speaking modern English at one point and either switched languages or started using something older. Or both. It was actually pretty educational.

Say It Again

  • We see how the journal conversations got started, and how Lydia's exasperation morphs into amusement.
  • When Lydia tells her classmates a thinly-disguised ghost story version of Betelgeuse's existence, he contributes to the atmosphere by making the air colder and dramatically knocking out the lights. Even she has to laugh about it afterward, sarcastically calling him "a real menace to society."


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