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  • Touji, Kensuke and even Hikari are berating, insulting and mocking Asuka in front of Shinji -never stopping to think they were upsetting him- and then Shinji explodes and yells they have no right to judge her because they do not know what he has done and she has been throught.
  • Misato quits her work in an absolutely awesome way, calling Ritsuko out on everything she has done, saying she is sick of letting her kids self-destroying because she is too busy working, and demanding all kind of benefits before leaving.
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  • And then Ritsuko gets the upper hand the next day when Misato storms in her office and she knows exactly what her friend is about to tell.
  • When Shinji and Asuka got shot by a sniper, Shinji carried Asuka all the way down to the street and he did not stop until she was safe... even though he was also bleeding!
  • Gendo getting punched in the balls by Shinji.
  • Shinji finally defeating his self-hatred when it threatened with hurting his family.
  • There was a lot of build up to Asuka test-piloting EVA-02 after the thing mutated from eating the Mass-Production Evangelions and Lilith's head. When she finally starts piloting it, she achieves her highest sync rate ever and beats a simulation of Zeruel in just over three minutes.
  • In the final fight against Dimitri and Unit-Xa.k.a. Samael, the Angel of Death, Shinji and Unit-02 take absolutely obscene amounts of damage but keep on regenerating and coming back to beat Dimitri & X around some more. At the end of it, Shinji gives himself over to fury and the Eva's power so much in his effort to end the threat Dimitri poses once and for all, he almost starts Fourth Impact. Thankfully, Asuka regains consciousness and pulls him back just before he can end the world (again).
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  • The final part of the final battle. Turns out, two horribly-mangled Evangelions still have enough left in them to stop the blast-wave and radiation from a 40-megaton thermonuclear explosionnote , though both of them are destroyed in the process.


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