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Heartwarming / Scar Tissue

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  • Misato hugging Asuka after Shinji wakes up, saying she has not forgiven the girl but she will not throw her out for Shinji's -and Asuka's- sake.
  • Misato declaring Shinji and Asuka are her children now, and their biological mothers have no say on the matter after leaving them.
  • Asuka brings Shinji homemade food as a way to apologize.
  • Shinji defends Asuka from Touji, Kensuke and Hikari when they are -ironically- bullying her.
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  • After that incident Asuka manages to have a long talk with Shinji where she apologizes, explains the why of her behaviour and promises to change.
    I never hated you, Shinji.
    Do you promise?
  • Shinji is going through his worst nightmare, and his sanity is about to break down irreparably... when Asuka lies beside him, hugs him, and he finally relaxes.
  • Shinji explains his Friends why he put up with everything Asuka did to him, expecting them leaving after telling them what he did the day of Third Impact... but they stay.
  • Asuka tells Shinji about his mother. At the beginning Shinji stays still until he remembers how Asuka hated his passivity when they kissed, and he hugs her.
  • In Chapter 13, it's revealed that Pen-Pen's still alive.


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