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Tear Jerker / Scar Tissue

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  • The start of the story is gut wrenching. For 8 months, Shinji has been taking unprecedented amounts of verbal, physical and sexual abuse from Asuka, and only after beating him to the brink of death does she realise just how horrible she's been and panics over not only did she tortured Shinji, but also was responsible for breaking his ribs, puncturing his lungs, breaking and dislocating his arm, and sending a shard of bone into his heart, rendering him clinically dead for a few minutes. And despite Misato threatening to kill her if she even breaths the same air as him, she goes in to see him. And when he notices her, he's a complete Nervous Wreck who shakes uncontrollably, screams and tries to escape at the mere sight of her, despite both being unable to move and having his lungs ruined, ignoring the pain completely because he would rather die.
  • Shinji asking Misato to take care of Asuka while he was hospitalized. Even after all she had done to him, Shinji still cared about her. And even when he was barely alive he still wanted to go out and look after Asuka and Misato.
  • Asuka going over her actions and realizing she had brutally hurt one of the few people who cared about her.
  • Misato comes home one night to Asuka using Shinji's SDAT player. When Misato denies Asuka permission to see Shinji, the latter explodes.
    Asuka: You can't take him away! I won't let you!
  • Shinji's encounter with his Split Personality in Chapter Two. It wants him to find a satisfactory description for himself.
    Shinji: I'm, I...I am my father's son...
  • In chapter 8, Asuka tries to reconcile with Shinji, telling him she was wrong to blame him for everything. However, his only response is to affirm that she was right and that he would rather she stops pretending she cares about and simply get straight to the abuse, thinking she's just trying to get his hopes up so she can destroy them. He's not even angry at her, he genuinely believes she feels no guilt for what she did to him, and that she was justified. When she realises this, Asuka get angry... and then breaks down crying.
    Shinji: Just... stop pretending that you care... it hurts more than anything else... I know my place, Asuka. I know what you think of me, okay? I saw into your mind too... stop acting like this, please... I asked you to let me heal, to leave me be just for this while... then you can keep doing whatever you want...
  • Asuka's reaction when Rei suggests that Shinji doesn't care about her anymore.
    Asuka: Shut up...shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up...
  • Rei telling Dr. Akagi that she wants to start taking her emotion-suppressing medication again.