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Funny / Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

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  • Cherry and Anri's introduction. When Shinjiro enters his apartment, Anri panics and a gigantic misunderstanding ensues with Shinjiro being Mistaken for Pedophile.
  • Shinjiro's and Subaru's first date. The graceful Noh dancer dragging Shinjiro around town to play boyfriend to his crossdressing was hilarious.
  • When Cherry and Anri make Shinjiro dress up as a girl for his role in Viva Harlem! in V. If you make Shinjiro say, "I'm the cutest girl here!" Cherry kind of hits on him!
  • Everything that occurs to Shinjiro when he cross-dress as Peppermint. For example:
    • Once you have control of "Peppermint", not few steps later, enters a scene where Diana catches her in an act, thinking that Shinjiro's cheating on her. It's more funny that you tell her the truth that you're a which she gets the wrong idea that Shinjiro's gay.
    • Gemini also gets fooled on Shinjiro's disguise. Once she finally realize who Peppermint is, she cries wailing that 'she' is much prettier than her and runs out of her place.
      • Gets worse in the New York OVAs where everyone in the team is trying to convince to dress up as Peppermint.
  • In one scene in 5, Shinjiro and Subaru are following a group of mobsters in order to get evidence of them bribing the mayor. At one point, one of the mobsters notices you and one of the choices to throw off his suspicion is to act like stereotypical Japanese tourists. Seeing Shinjiro and Subaru speak in Japanese Ranguage is hysterical.
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  • In chapter 7 of the fifth game, when Shinjiro visits Kayama's shop, Rosita comes barging in, saying that she's there to take everything in the store for Plum. Cue Rosita dragging a wagon full of valuable merchandise out of the shop, much to Kayama's dismay.
  • In chapter 3 of the fifth game, when the New York Combat Revue are are fighting Dokurobo for the second time, they are making their entry with their name, only for Dokurobo to not remember who they are. Even Shinjiro's STAR is face faulting at his stupidity.
    Cheiron: Holy cow are you stupid. She JUST said our name.
  • A combination attack between Subaru and Rosita gets you this exchange:
    Subaru: Attack Pattern Charlie!
    Rosita: (Happily) I do not understand!
  • Cheiron's date in episode 8 starts off with a drunk Cheiron unexpectedly grabbing Shinjiro.
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