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Subaru Kujo of Sakura Taisen 5 is bisexual.
When you talk to her early in the game, she'll say that she thinks that genders are meaningless. Add that to the fact that she's Bifauxnen and...
  • Confirmed by a missable scene in the sixth chapter, where Subaru attempts to convince Diana to accept a love confession from a girl because "when you love someone, sex does not matter. You can't control those emotions."
    • One hardly has to be bisexual to be supportive of same sex couples. Indeed it isn't even certain that Subaru is female.

Subaru keeps his/her gender ambiguous because s/he's intersexed.
Speaks for itself, really.
  • There's a lot of evidence for this one.
    • She states at one point, while avoiding a bath in the hot springs with the female characters, that she doesn't like to show her naked body.
    • When the characters are divided by gender for a sleepover, she attempts but fails to get a separate room from the women.
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    • Rosita raises the question of, "Is she both?" in regards to her sex.
    • Subaru questions whether she looks feminine enough when she attempts to dress that way for a disguise.
    • A villain who targets women immobilizes the other three party members but leaves Subaru untouched until she comes right at him.
    • She chooses to play boyfriend to Shinjiro in drag and seems just as comfortable doing this as playing girlfriend to him normally.
    • Even after she's fallen for him, she gets angry when Shinjiro happens upon her in the hot springs.
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