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Tear Jerker / Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love

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  • Sagitta/Cheiron's past is heartbreaking. She was a former leader of a biker gang. But when one of her friends was arrested due to her own actions, she became a lawyer to rescue him and lost the case as a result. What's even worse, her efforts in following the laws cause even more problems between her and her native Harlem.
  • Diana's predicament. She lost the will to live because she's been suffering a serious disease. Not to mention the birds going berserk and being shot down by the NYPD in the third chapter causes Diana even more suffering.
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  • Rikaritta/Rosita's past. She lost her father at a young age and has been working as a bounty hunter since. Ever since then, she's been living in an empty warehouse and has a fear of failing.
  • The aftermath of Nobunaga's first battle with Shinjiro. New York City becomes completely devastated by Nobunaga casting down Sixth Heaven and most of its citizens have been forced to seek shelter.
  • Gemini's past is a major tearjerker. She trained with her master Mifune while still in Texas. Unfortunately for her, Ranmaru ended up killing Mifune and her older sister, Geminine, sets out to exact revenge on Ranmaru, which lasted for many years.
  • The final battle's first part. Nobunaga takes out Shinjiro's partners, one by one, ending with his love... There's a reason why the game is subtitled "So Long, My Love."
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