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Spoilers Off applies to all "Moments" pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • How Shouto summarizes the U.A. Entrance Exam to Touya:
    Shouto: "It was kind of cool. And kind of weird. I met some other kids. Saw that guy who saved me ten months ago. Some girl puked on my shoes and then cried."
    Touya: "What."
  • After Izuku rips into how he's been conducting the Quirk Assessment tests, Aizawa manages to throw him with an Armor-Piercing Question of his own:
    Aizawa: "You've done an excellent job of unraveling the logic behind this entire assessment, so — do you really think I would proceed with a plan that has that many inconsistencies to begin with?"
    Izuku: "I mean. Maybe? I met you two hours ago."
    • Punctuated by Shinsou snorting at his Brutal Honesty. And further losing his shit at the follow-up when Izuku interrupts Aizawa's explanation:
    Aizawa: "Did I miss another logical fallacy, Midoriya?"
    Izuku: "No, I just had a question, sensei. Were you actually lying, or are you just saying that because you've changed your mind?"
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  • Kirishima's reaction as he tries to barge through the defenses Momo set up around the bomb 'off-screen':
    Eijirou: "I see it! It's—ohfuck." *Offscreen Crash* "I'm okay! Just—shit! Ow, ow—whoops!" *Another crash + bowstring twang* "How did they set all this up in five minutes."
  • Momo and Izuku get really into the post-match assessments during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise, leading to them unintentionally dominating the first discussion — which, since the first match involved them going against each other, leads to them picking apart each other's tactics... and derailing into discussing the finer points of their respective costumes.
  • When it comes time for Class 1-A to determine who their Class President will be, it turns into a landslide vote... for Hiyamizu-kun's dog, Hiro. Tenya is fit to be tied by the results.
    • You must feel for the poor boy- Tenya in canon lost, but he could at least understand why he lost to other classmates. In this one he loses to a therapy animal.


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