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Tabletop Game / The Ninth Age

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The 9th Age(T 9 A) is a community project created in response the controversial events of Warhammer:The End Times and Age Of Sigmar in Warhammer Fantasy. Though the rules are designed to let you keep using your Warhammer armies, the setting takes place in an original world which, though originally filled with Expies of Warhammer factions, has also started to branch out into new content.

Currently factions include

  • Beast Herds
  • Daemon Legions
  • Dread Elves
  • Dwarven Holds
  • Sonnsahl Empire
  • Highborn Elves
  • Infernal Dwarves
  • Kingdom of Equitaine
  • Ogre Khans
  • Orcs and Goblins
  • Saurian Ancients
  • Sylvan Elves
  • Undying Dynasties
  • Vampire Covenant
  • Vermin Swarm
  • Warriors of the Dark Gods

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