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Funny / Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Silver Resistance

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  • Char's team being named Team Peanuts, much to Saura's dismay.
  • When Char asked about the whole "tail flame goes out, Charmander die" myth, Saura remarks otherwise. Char decided to test out that theory by dipping his tail into a lake. It did exactly what you'd expect to happen.
  • Saura reciting Team Rocket's motto for Team Peanuts.
  • Dialga trying to help Celebi repair the time stream while trapped in a Pokeball.
    Further... a bit more... STOP.
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  • Team X isn't in the Gold Division's official team listings... because they were instead registered as Team Blockheads. By the same guy that named Char's team "Peanuts."
  • Leo's 'interview' for joining Team Ember consists of him begging Char to let him join so he can stay with Ray and Zona, and when Otto asks if he can help Ray in any way, Leo just gives them puppy dog eyes.
  • Char reveals that he is actually a human in a Pokemon body to Tallie... whose response is to write him off as the Pokemon equivalent of otherkin.

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