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  • The Running Gag of Ojou trying to fit in by joining Galko and Otako's discussions, at which point Word Hilarity Ensues. One incident involves Ojou talking about her nipple hair (she doesn't have any), but she goes way overboard with her descriptions and just ends up concerning her friends, who suggest she see a doctor.
    • One example has Ojou walking into a conversation about gomu and assuming they're discussing assorted hair ties, which Ojou claims to have. Otako then quietly breaks to her that she was talking about condoms...which elicits the expected reaction of embarrassment from Ojou, who quickly apologizes and says that she doesn't have those.
  • Chapter 4's theme: Butts
  • How Ojou joined the group of friends in the Origins Episode. Abe-san sent her to check on Galko and Otako when they went to the bathroom during class. She overheard Galko and Otako's budding friendship, approached from out of nowhere, and asked them to give her a nickname, too. Galko assumed this girl is Otako's friend, and Otako assumed it's Galko's friend. Then they give her the nickname of…Ojou.
    • Inspired by the above story, the newly-self-nicknamed Otao and Supoo give their chara friend the nickname "Charao". The reason? Because he's a pain, apparently.
  • Otako jokes to Ojou that Galko breaks toilet seats when she sits on them, on account of her big butt. Galko, frowning, says that only happened one time. Otako is, of course, thrown for a loop.
  • Galko finds out the hard way that a Gyaru Girl model in adult magazines lately—one who looks a lot like her, and has a navel piercing. Suspecting her sister, she confronts her and demands to see her navel. Her sister smiles, goes, "so you found out", and…reveals her navel, with no piercing. After Galko reacts relieved to the lack of piercing, her now-confused sister asks, "Wait, so this isn't about me borrowing your navel-cleaning kit without permission?"
    • The aforementioned hard way: Galko has to show her classmate her own piercing-free navel before she gets an explanation.
  • Tsunno's idea of a sexy photo is a picture of her milking a cow. One of her classmates wonders if the meaning of the word "sexy" has died.


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