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  • Mayu's constant changes whenever she drinks a different drink (ex: turning into a pig when she drinks meat soup).
  • Chapter 3 —
    Mayu: [after they fell off a cliff] Amamiya! Amamiya!! Are you dead?!
    Amamiya: Idiot! Don't presume I'm dead!
  • When Mayu drinks a super fighting drink that turns her into a boy. And "Boy Mayu" challenges Amamiya to win Mayu.
  • To get Nazuna and Ryouta to meet together, Mayu and Amamiya each give them a letter to meet up with the latter. Ryouta's reaction?
    Ryouta: A love letter from Amamiya...?
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  • When Mayu attempts to hit Nazuna with a love arrow to get her to fall in love with Ryouta, it accidentally hits Konoha, who falls for Mayu.
    Konoha: Mayu-san! It's pure love between us! ♡
    Mayu: [runs away] Kyaaa!!


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