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  • "Trolling Saruman" is a gold mine of these:
    • This exchange:
    Gandalf: Be careful. Even in defeat, Saruman is dangerous.
    (Saruman begins singing the Trololol song)
    (Gandalf looks depressed)
    • The group's expressions as Saruman sings are hilarious to behold. Made all the funnier by how much Khil's voice sounds like Christopher Lee's, fitting Saruman like a glove.
    • The fact that Legolas kills Saruman because Gimli was annoyed by his singing.
    • After getting shot by Legolas, Saruman falls off the tower... and continues singing while falling, until he gets impaled on the water wheel's spikes.
  • "Voldemort's Final Horcrux":
    • The simple fact that Voldemort (who hates Muggles) is using a Nokia 3310 as a Horcrux.
    • When they attempt to flush the phone:
    Moaning Myrtle: You can't flush a Horcrux!
    Pistol Shrimp: SHUT UP, MYRTLE!
    • Voldemort's reaction is also hilarious: "How dare you flush me!"
    • When the two guys lock Voldemort in the bathroom, his reaction is: "Let me out! It smells in here! Seriously, guys!"
      • Also, Voldemort is apparently unable to knock down a door.
    • The Nokia service desk guy's casual reaction to learning that the two guys have a phone that's a Horcrux.
    • The final text on the phone after Voldemort's soul piece stored inside it has been destroyed: "U GUYS SUCK!!"

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