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PassCode has been around in its current form since 2014. Since that time, the girls have had plenty of moments of hilarity, both on and off stage.

This page is a work in progress and will be expanded as time goes on.

  • The very idea of PassCode, which takes Idol-fusion to an extreme even Babymetal doesn't touch — four cute girls with high singing voices layered over a combination of hard rock and technopop …and Yuna. And it works. More than a few people have been left speechless upon first discovering them.
  • Even more amusing is hearing Yuna's singing voice — it's rather high, which makes sense considering how big she isn't. But to then, ten seconds later, hear those screams coming out of that girl… it's hard not to laugh in respect and confusion.
    • Then you check out her twitter and every single photo shows her in an absolutely adorable pose befitting the girl who wanted to be "everyone's little sister". You can't help but laugh at the dichotomy of this girl.
  • Asterisk, their first music video, has its infamous Mood Whiplash moment exactly 15 seconds in, where the aesthetic suddenly cuts from cute to pretty dang metal.
    • During the bridge, the video cuts back to the girls dancing in the park while some older guy watches them in mild confusion. By the end, he's silently cheering them on.
  • XYZ has its share of hilarious moments.
    • Nao was tasked with getting eggs for whatever recipe Yuri thought up. After failing to rob a ramen shop, her next bright idea was to dress up as a chicken and try to lay an egg herself. The other girls are just as confused as the viewers.
    • Yuna's goal was rice. Her method of getting it was to approach some random woman leaving a store and screaming her into submission. She's the only one besides Yuri who actually succeeds.
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    • The older fellow from Asterisk makes a cameo in this video and the girls share their food with him.
    • How did they get the food despite not having any money? They kidnapped the TV chef and forced him to cook for them, then tied him up — we see him bound and gagged near the end of the video.
  • The frame-story (such as it is) of Progressive Upheaval involves some guy who hadn't ever heard of PassCode go to get something out of his freezer… wherein he finds the girls sitting around an egg chair (Yuri is in the chair). He just stares at them in Dull Surprise as they start singing.
    • As this was still firmly in the group's No Budget days, unused shots at the park from Asterisk appear.
    • At the end, there's a green glow from the freezer, the guy is gone, and the freezer closes by itself, suggesting he got sucked in to the Linkage.
  • "Seize the Day!" is very much a Self Empowerment Anthem (not the only one PassCode has by any stretch), but the chorus is Engrishy enough that it can be difficult to take seriously.
  • "Ninja Bomber", in addition to the Kaede eating bit in the middle, also has a scene later on where the girls encounter ninjas… and a notification reading "BATTLE START" appears on the screen. At that point, one of the ninjas does some impressive break-dancing. That's cool, but not funny. What is funny is that the girls, having been officially Served, just stare at him in shock, then fight over who will counter-serve (the other three force Hinako to do it).
    • Also their weapons. Nao has kunai, Yuna and Hinako both have katana, and Kaede has… giant paper fans. Although, anyone who's played Super Smash Bros. knows Kaede has the advantage. Sure enough, the fight scene shows her effortlessly mowing down at least a dozen armed men, including bonking one on the head.
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  • At the Virtual Tour Final in August 2016, during the first MC segment (containing introductions), Nao cues Hinako to speak, but Yuna introduces herself instead.
  • "Taking You Out" has an amusing part near the beginning where Yuna basically goes into meltdown mode because she crashed out (this was part of the lyrics but she acts it very well).
  • Kaede's Big Eater shtick isn't just a thing in music videos; it extends to Real Life. A not-insignificant number of photos on her twitter show her eating, usually chicken. However, one photo shows her at a restaurant holding two cheeseburgers (she's already taken a bite out of one of them).
    • She also happens to be quite the Genki Girl even though her poise, age, and tallness would suggest otherwise. She has a tendency to use a lot of extender symbols in her tweets and for a long time her public greeting was 「ヤッホ~~~~~~~!」 ("Yoo-hoo!!"). Watching her melt into a figurative puddle of goo upon seeing plushies of Pikachu or Snoopy is adorable and pretty funny.
  • Nao's Cuddle Bug tendencies toward Kaede shown via twitter definitely count, mostly because of Kaede often keeping a straight face while Nao playfully messes with her.

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