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  • An early part of "The Art of the Ground Round" has two singers singing two parts overlapping. Seemingly innocuous random words therefore end up overlapping into, "Look!", "Up!", "Her!", "Dress!".
  • "The Erotica Variations for Banned Instruments" - said banned instruments tend to cross the conventional line as to what constitutes a musical instrument. Like deflating a balloon at certain moments in the song, or blowing through a large set of pitched tubes.
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  • From "The Abduction of Figaro", the first part of the libretto is an operatic rendition of "Found a Peanut". "Oh, Suzanna!" follows a little later.
  • A live performance of "New Horizons in Music Appreciation" features a referee, the conductor in kneepads and batting gloves, a penalty box for flubbed notes, "instant replay", and an oboist getting into a fight with the conductor, among other things.
  • The title of the 2006 live album: P.D.Q. Bach in Houston: We Have A Problem!

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