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  • Nikolai's hilariously bad attempt at infiltrating Richard Hawksmoore's group by impersonating one of Deriabin's men going horribly awry when he fails to spot the massive billboard of himself being pleasured by two prostitutes right behind him. And then following it up by almost crushing Jena to death with said billboard. On top of that, Nikolai uses the remains of the billboard as an improvised vehicle in order to catch up with Deriabin's airship.
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  • During The Romanov Dynasty, the second Captain Arbatov, insulted that Nikolai was responsible for his brother being Flayed Alive, challenges Nikolai to a duel with a Glove Slap. Nikolai's response is to knee him in the balls, then knee him in the face, knocking him out. All this without even bothering to remove his hands from his pockets. When Jena calls him out on it, telling him that Arbatov was challenging him to a duel, Nikolai simply snarks that Arbatov lost. To cap it off, The Tsar just casually kicks Arbatov from the top of the Winter Palace.
  • Similarly, when Akita Sagawa's dragon, Murakami, challenges Nikolai to a duel, Murakami boasts that his katana has been in his family for generations and how it will be an honour to kill Nikolai with it. While he bows, Nikolai kicks him in the face, knocking him out, noting that after the speech Murakami just made, there was no way Nikolai was going to fight fair.

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