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Tear Jerker / Nikolai Dante

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  • At the end of Love And War, Jena leaves Nikolai in the rain as they go back to their respective families in preparation for war. Doubly heartbreaking as they had finally slept together and looked to be on the verge of starting a relationship. The final panel seals it, as Nikolai stares off into the rain, obviously fighting back the tears.
  • The death of Andreas during the battle of Rudinshtein.
  • Nikolai's goodbye kiss with the dream manifestation of his Weapons Crest. She tells him that it has been an honour to have been part of him before he wakes to find himself Brought Down to Normal.
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  • The death of Katarina Dante hits Nikolai very hard and motivates him to find Vladimir. She does manage to kill Dmitri before she dies, though.
  • For all his faults, Peter Flintlock survives the worst the revolution throws at him. So, it's pretty jarring when he dies during the last major battle. Poor Spatchcock is utterly lost until he meets Flintlock's sister and ends up with her.
  • Just when Nikolai and Eloise seem like they might finally make a go of their marriage, Valentine kills Eloise by punching right through back and out through her chest. Jena has to snap him out of it to get him to leave before the Dark Star destroys the world they're on. This is a notable turning point in Nikolai's Character Development, as he starts to lose some of his carefree attitude and from then on, he disappears once a year to mourn for his wife.
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  • The final fate of Khara is a punch to the gut.

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