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First series:

  • Magik using the fact she's immune to Empath's powers to put the fear of her into him at a dance.
  • The team are held captive by a mad doctor who rants on how he's doing "God's work" splicing mutants together. Wolfsbane, a devout Presbyterian, argues on how wrong he is by the Bible.
    Cannonball: Rahne, ah don't think the mad scientist is all that interested in debating the finer points of scriptural interpretation!

2009 Series

  • Nate Grey loses most of his powers, but apparently pulls a Discard and Draw, getting his Deadpan Snarker tendencies back. When the team are moving to San Francisco, their dotty Latverian new neighbour asks if they're moving in.
    Nate: No, we just really love boxes.
  • Amara's date with Mephisto. Which ends up being surprisingly adorable, what with how Adorkable Mephisto turns out to be.
  • Nate later gives Blink a somewhat pompous analysis of her behaviour, saying that it's textbook atonement behaviour. Her response is to ask Dani who he is, and how she hasn't smothered him in his sleep yet.
    Dani: I figure if I take him out on a few more missions a giant robot will do him in for me.
  • Blink deciding to take the team to Chinese New Year in Madripoor, and Roberto's many failed attempts to hook up with various girls, as narrated by Cypher. The crowning moment, however, has to be when Roberto sees a new pretty girl ("Too much confidence." "Too much aloof." "Too much language barrier." "TOO MUCH ANGRY BOYFRIEND!")... and then sees that she's with Warlock, to even Cypher's surprise ("Wow. I was not expecting 'too much Warlock' to be on tonight's strike-out list.") . Yes, Warlock, the living robot, has better game than Roberto, who goes into meltdown, literally falling to his knees.
    The shame. The shame. THE SHAME!
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  • At the same time, Blink, Dani, and Amara get into boy-talk, and Dani being mortified over her very obvious feelings for Nate, both of them getting a Crush Blush.

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