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Webcomic / The Overcoming

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On the left: Nivlac, the Author Avatar. On the right: Aqua, the protagonist.

Nivlac: Well you see, Mr. Mcclain...I am your god.
Aqua: ...Yeah, I'm not buying that.

In an experiment created from boredom, the author avatar of Nivlac has been made free of the control of his spirit counterpart. In his freedom, the avatar has switched to the side of evil, and has used his powers to gain control of the universe. It is up to the various cameos to stop him.

The Overcoming is a Sprite Comic made by Aqua the Hedgie, which tells the story of Nivlac, an Author Avatar that runs the universe around him as he slowly descends into power hungry madness.

As Nivlac descends into madness, the story follows Aqua and several other characters in their attempts to stop him.


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