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Funny / God Loves, Man Kills

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Not a lot of laughs in this graphic novel, but there are a few good moments....

  • Colossus prevents a Purifiers squadron from escaping by smashing the engine straight through their car. He stands there abashed, holding the engine. "Either I have gotten stronger, comrades, or automobiles are not so sturdy and well-constructed as they used to be."
  • Nightcrawler's dry reaction when Magneto arrives to help the X-Men: "Should we be grateful, Wolverine...or run for our lives?"
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  • Russian-born Illyana programs a Danger Room scenario for the X-Men in residence. Their objective is to defend a family she names "the Mannequinovs."
  • Black Comedy given the circumstance, but Nightcrawler (who is German) literally saying the phrase We Have Ways of Making You Talk to Stryker's crooked psychologist counts.

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