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  • At the end of episode 5 (with the commentators as usual snarking all the way), we got this hilarious misunderstanding after the first elimination:
    Michael Cole: Uh, ladies and gentlemen, Jamie Keyes eliminated here tonight, that means just five more to get rid of!
    Josh Matthews: No, Cole, one of them is gonna win.
    Michael Cole: ...oh yeah, that's right, there's five left, yeah.
  • Aksana's elimination. She promptly fainted and then got on the mic to say it wasn't true and that somebody had made a mistake. She then said she was going to write a letter to Vince and get a recount.
  • Primo and AJ are trying to find a private spot backstage know. They try the bathroom and Maxine is inside. Who is she kissing? Hornswoggle.
    • They also found Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn inside one of those wheeled shipping crates.
  • A little one but during the kissing contest, Kaitlyn had to kiss Hornswoggle and then Cody Rhodes. Before the latter, Matt Striker casually said "Yes, I know this is the first time you ever kissed two people in the same night". Kaitlyn began wailing "It is! Please believe me!"
  • During a Maxine/AJ match, CM Punk on commentary referred to a Maxine headlock as "vintage Maxine".
  • During the second "Diss The Diva" challenge, Aksana said she saw Kaitlyn on the Jerry Springer show fighting for her babies. Yup, and she said it so matter of factly.
  • A huge epic fail in the "Talk The Talk" challenge was when Aksana was asked to talk about a llama. The problem was she had no idea what a llama was. Matt Striker changed the topic to camel and she didn't know what a camel was either.
    • Even funnier was that she actually got the crowd to pop when she asked if they wanted to see a llama.
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  • Aksana and the Adam's Family theme.
  • Naomi's spot on impression of AJ.
  • During the "How Well Do You Know Your Pro" challenge, the question was "When I first saw my NXT rookie diva, I thought she was <blank>". Kaitlyn suggested "so much prettier than her" for Vickie's answer. What was Vickie's answer? A man.
  • Josh Mathews and Michael Cole. No particular incident stands out, they were just hysterical the entire season.
  • During a Nikki Bella/AJ match, Josh Mathews received a text from Yolanda Coulthard (Michael Cole's wife) stating that she knew what it was like to fall asleep during the action. Minutes later, the arena's antivirus upgraded its database. This was loudly announced over the P.A. system.
    • "Avast! Virus Database has been updated!"
  • Cole gonging the whole show
    Cole: You know what everyone of you would-be divas should be gonged, Matt Striker you should be gonged, everybody here in the Detroit area who bought a ticket to watch this stuff should be gonged, (Josh Matthews begins applauding) and besides me and Josh Matthews this whole NXT show should be gone.

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