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  • Unlike most WWE shows, the mics in the ring are live so the audience are able to hear what goes on in the ring. At the end of each week, WWE posts a video recording these moments on Youtube. At least one, if not all of these moments, qualifies as a Moment of Funny.
  • While the reveals of the Mixed Match Challenge teams can be heartwarming, there are some that fall into these.
    • Season 1
      • As Jimmy Uso waits for the reveal of his mix match partner, the lights go off and a familiar figure in a glowing coat and shades appears. Said figure is then embraced by an excited Jimmy, only for it to be revealed to be Daniel Bryan.
      • The reveal of Lana as Rusev's Mixed Match partner gives birth to the "Lana is the best! Lana's number one!" chant. Everyone is chanting along, even Daniel Bryan, who then remembers...
        Wait a minute...Brie's number one!

    Season 1 
  • Big E and Carmella vs. Awe-Ska
    • During Asuka's entrance, Big E stacks pancakes on top of Corey Graves' head, with the top pancake being the one he already ate 2/3 of. Needless to say, Graves was not amused.
    • Big E and Carmella literally give Asuka her first L.
    • Big E pumps Carmella up upon her preparing to face Asuka, chanting "You got this!" Moments later, she immediately retreats muttering "I don't got this!"
  • Team Little Big vs Ginger Snaps
    • Fans chanting "We want Strowman" with Sami responding "Never gonna get him!"

    Season 2 
  • Monster Eclipse vs. Team Pawz
    • Natalya tells Monster Eclipse that they're gonna "Get these paws!"
      • Ember later responds, "Get these paws? How about you 'Get these hands!'"
    • Natalya covers Kevin Owens' ears to block out the "Get these hands" chants.
  • Country Dominance vs. Mahalicia
    • Jinder challenges Lashley to a push-up contest which Lashley wins handily. This causes Jinder to up the ante by having Alicia lay on top of him while doing pushups. This leads to Mickie laying on Lashley in a rather tranquil pose with Lashley still outperforming Jinder.
  • Awe-Ska vs. The Fabulous Truth
    • Two words: Dance Break! Even Asuka decides to join in.
      • Miz, having had enough of the shenanigans, decides to challenge Carmella to a Moonwalk contest. What does Miz do? Literally walking as if he was on the moon.
    • Constantly through the match, fans chanted Truth TV, much to Miz's frustration.
  • Day One Glow vs. Ravishing Rusev Day
    • Milwaukee (a Noodle Incident with Aiden English) is constantly referenced, much to Rusev and (especially) Lana's chagrin. It's even how Day One Glow wins the match.
  • Fenominal Flair vs. The Fabulous Truth
    • Dance Break happens once again with even Fenominal Flair joining in. When it gets to the splits, Charlotte actually pulls it off. AJ? ...Not so much.
      AJ: I'm a grown man! ...I mean I have kids!
    • AJ Styles may not be able to woo or dance, but at least he can do the Spin-A-Roonie.
  • Country Dominance vs Team Pawz
    • Natalia sticks a set of cat ears on Lashley's head. He throws them down and stomps on them.
    • Face Bobby Roode takes on Heel Bobby Lashley. This naturally leads to a "Let's go Bobby/Bobby sucks" chant.
  • Awe-ska vs Ravishing Rusev Day
    • The crowd cheers for Rusev, Lana, and Asuka, but boos Miz, to his annoyance.
    • Rusev and Lana make out, then challenge their opponents to do the same. The crowd goes wild and chants for Miz and Asuka to kiss, but Miz points out he's married to Maryse, and the crowd boos.
  • Day One Glow vs. Awe-Ska
    • Naomi and Asuka square off. They try to take out the other with their signature rear attacks, but then dance, perform a secret handshake, and eventually hug. Much to Miz' annoyance...
      "There's no hugging in Wrestling!"
      • This leads to Naomi, Jimmy Uso, and Asuka trying to get Miz to hug, which he wants absolutely no part of. Called back later on as Miz screams "I HUG MYSELF!"
  • Team Pawz vs. Mahalicia
    • After winning the match and advancing to the playoffs, where does Alicia want to go if Mahalicia wins the tournament? Kentucky. Why? So she can finally eat some country fried chicken.

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