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  • The talent contest segment during which Aksana stretched both of her legs over her shoulders and proceeded to some absolutely sick push ups (in a good way). Even Michael Cole was interested.
  • On the open mic challenge, Naomi said she needed to vent and immediately called out Michael Cole for his attitude on the show. She capped off the rant with an awesome line of her own: "Quote that".
  • Aksana vs AJ on the third last episode. Aksana bent AJ practically in half in a submission hold.
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  • Ted DiBiase and Maryse interrupted Goldust and Aksana's wedding with the immigration officer revealing that they had payed off the minister. Dusty Rhodes got on the mic and said he had foreseen this happening so he made a call to get another minister in. Who was the minister? The Million Dollar Man himself, Ted DiBiase Senior (who is an ordained minister in real life).
  • Naomi vs AJ on the second to last episode. One of the best matches on the whole show and Diva Dirt even nominated it as a Match of the Year Candidate.
    • Even Michael Cole stopped burying the show long enough to acknowledge that it was a good match...that speaks volumes.

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