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For a MOTHER-inspired game, MOTHER 4 has its own funny moments.

  • In the Attract Mode trailer, we see Floyd dragging a K.O'd Travis into a mausoleum in a cemetery. After the gameplay trailer was released, we see Travis presumably returning the favor, dragging a K.O'd Floyd to a dumpster. The way Travis looks at Floyd as if he's a trash bag to throw away during that moment is particularly amusing to watch.
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  • In the MOTHER 4 blog's "Answers for Questions" update, this animation featured Travis finding a water tap in a cactus and decides to drink from it. After that, he turns to face his party members (Floyd and Meryl), who quickly back away as Travis gets sick and vomits, and stays ill for the rest of the animation. Turns out the "water" tasted like gasoline.
  • The MOTHER 4 blog's "Update #4" featured this little gem:
    Cow bones.
    They look dead tired.
    Cow groans.


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