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For a MOTHER-inspired game, Oddity has its own funny moments.

  • On the original development site, hovering over the character sprites reveals their age, hometown, and favorite thing. Then there's Leo's:
    Age: Buzz off
    Hometown: What are you, a cop?
    Favorite Thing: Dishwashers note 
  • The Attract Mode gameplay trailer lists all of the things you can do in Mother 4. One of these includes "Be a drag", which is followed by a clip of Travis walking around with Floyd being dragged along the ground behind him.
    • Better yet, when Travis comes across a dumpster while doing so, he briefly turns to look at Floyd as if contemplating the obvious.
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  • During an update showing off the writing process, they showed off what happens if you check the dead cow bones in the desert area.
  • The teaser trailer for Oddity shows off the cast with a card and name, followed by their respective gameplay. When it gets to Leo's, the video suddenly cuts to a legal warning by the local police, as they've seized his footage.
  • In the MOTHER 4 blog's "Answers for Questions" update, this animation featured Travis finding a water tap in a cactus and decides to drink from it. After that, he turns to face his party members (Floyd and Meryl), who quickly back away as Travis gets sick and vomits, and stays ill for the rest of the animation. Turns out the "water" tasted like gasoline.

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