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Fridge Brilliance

  • Leo's favorite thing is dishwashers. Seems odd, but during the 1950's, dishwashers were introduced as a common household appliance that made washing dishes easier by removing the need to do it by hand.
  • Leo's curt responses to his age ("Buzz off.") and hometown ("What are you, a cop?") in his character profile might be due to being a wanted criminal, and as such, he is constantly hounded by police who are looking for information about him.
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  • "Be a drag" can have a double meaning - when party members are defeated, they have to be dragged with you as you go places. To the player (you), this can become annoying quickly, as you are stuck with the very enjoyable task of dragging your fallen allies to the nearest place where you can heal (and praying that enemies don't find you), as well as being unable to run to your destination faster and avoid enemies easier because you have unconscious party members.
  • There's an item called the "PSI Walnut" that can restore the party's PP. Fittingly enough, walnuts have a round, brain-like appearance beneath their shells.
  • The Modern Mind boss has a glowing Energy Ball for a head. He's the Visual Pun on the psychological belief that power can go to someone's head.
  • Leo's name is in quotes in the Oddity rebrand trailer, hinting that it may not be his real name. Then you remember that he's a wanted criminal. Of course he's probably going to hide under a secret identity!
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  • Meryl being a reckless girl with psychic foresight makes sense. Since she already knows what's going to happen in the future, she has started believing she can take on anything the world throws at her.

Fridge Horror

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