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Funny / Mortal Kombat 3

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  • In addition to the familiar "TOASTY!", the game adds "CRISPY!" (when you do the stage fatality in Scorpion's Hell, hold Run on both control panels to hear Shao Kahn say it, hold HP for Dan Forden in his falsetto, and hold both to hear them both do it) and "FROSTY" (Forden will pop up and say it if the player as Sub-Zero freezes an opponent whose health has reached "Danger").
  • One of Smoke's fatalities is a series of time bombs which blow up the entire Earth.
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  • In the Gameboy adaptation, Sub-Zero only has one standard fatality: he will lift the frozen opponent, and throw them to the ground, shattering them. However, the scene freezes (no pun intended) on the body mid-shatter, so that it appears to have turned into a cloud of triangles, followed by the most hilariously out of place "OH NO!!!!!!"-sounding music.
  • Doing a Friendship will prompt Shao Kahn, the game's announcer, to exclaim "Friendship! Friendship? ''Again''?!"
  • When Noob Saibot wins a round, the announcer (Kahn) doesn't say his name. Instead, he says "It's official: you suck."
  • One from the Making Of movie for MK3: Dan Forden doing a "Toasty!" in real life. Complete with Ed Boon promptly turning away from the camera while laughing.
    • From the same documentary, Carlos Pesina and Sal Divita having a not-entirely-unbiased argument over who's better between Raiden (played by Pesina) and Sektor (played by Divita.) It boils over into a fight that spans the whole movie and leads to its own hilarious moments. Heck it even starts with Carlos putting on the Raiden hat and Sal putting on the Sektor helmet before they get down to it.
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    • At one point while escaping Divita, Carlos runs past an MK2 machine, sees the side image of Raiden (or rather, himself since, well, he played Raiden) and briefly adopts Raiden's pose for fun before running off. A moment later, Divita runs in, sees the marquee and scoffs at it before resuming chase.
    • The two run past a slightly interested receptionist:
      Receptionist: (sees Carlos run by) Hi Raiden. (sees Sal run after him) Hi Sektor.
    • The team sans Ed gathers to brainstorm names for the Cyber Lin Kuei characters and during the chat, John Tobias chimes in that what inevitably will happen is they will come up with a bunch of names they like "and Ed's gonna hate every one of them."
  • In one of his fatalities. Stryker will strap explosives to his opponent and then jump away before comically plugging his ears from the inevitable explosion.