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  • Many of the endings are unintentionally hilarious due to the stiff movements of the character models and the narm-filled dialogue. Endings of special note include...
    • Mileena's
    • Jax's (and also Sonya’s and Jarek’s since they’re just trimmed down versions of the same ending)
    • Sub-Zero's
    • Tanya's
    • Kung Lao's
    • Johnny Cage's
    • Baraka’s is so ridiculous that in context it can’t even be considered dark. In Baraka's ending, he and Quan Chi are the only living beings left in the realm after killing everything in it... which is the problem for Baraka; they have no one to rule over. Quan Chi acknowledges this, but is too insane to just how utterly stupid his end goal is.
    Quan Chi: The Elder Gods are dead! Raiden is dead! And, thanks to you, Shinnok is dead!
    Baraka: Everyone is dead!
    Quan Chi: YES! Everyone in this forsaken realm IS DEAD!
    Baraka: How do you rule a realm with no one in it?
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  • For some reason, some of the endings are capped with a character whispering "Arrright!", even being subtitled as such. Witness it in Raiden's ending and Sub-Zero's ending. This is present in both the arcade and N64 versions (which use the in-game engine), but left out of the FMV endings in the PS port and MK Gold.
    Scorpion: You are now free from my curse. Live well, Lin Kuei warrior!
    Sub-Zero: (Beat) Arrright.
  • Quan Chi's fatality for those familiar with the classic schoolyard threat, where he literally rips his opponent's leg off and beats them with the bloody end. And he doesn't stop until the screen goes black! It was so well received that Mortal Kombat 9 brought it back and, going the extra mile, has Quan Chi smash his opponent's head on the third hit. And he still won't stop! This is actually Ed Boon's favorite Fatality in the whole series.
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  • Draw your weapon, now use an attack that can smack your enemy to the screen (e.g: Raiden's hammer). It will make something that looks like it came out from wacky cartoon.
  • One of Liu Kang's Fatalities involves chucking his opponent into the screen and then blowing them up!
  • Take all the stiff movements, Narm packed dialogue and goofy writing, downgrade the graphics and sound quality and you have the N64 port of MK4. In some ways it's even funnier than it's Playstation counterpart. There's something innately more laden with Narm Charm about Quan Chi's model shaking in place during Scorpion's ending than the Playstation verison's smoother animation.
  • While Sektor's Flamethrower Fatality is a testament of the rush job that Gold was, its end result is also hilarious: the victims, which are supposed to animate in the same way as when they are immolated by Scorpion, basically spaz out when they catch on fire.

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