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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Shang Tsung's Soul Steal fatality in MK3 was very different from the one he used in MK2: rather than drain the victim's soul directly into himself, he levitates the victim and the soul flies away, unabsorbed. The reason for the change isn't apparent... until you remember that in MK3, Shao Kahn's "Soulnado" is constantly pulling in every soul that isn't nailed down.
    • Furthermore, Shang Tsung deliberately lets Shao Kahn get a few souls for the Soulnado to divert attention away from himself while he schemes to overthrow his boss. Just look at his overthrow of Kahn alongside Quan Chi in Deadly Alliance.
    • How does Shang Tsung regain his strength? He drains the souls of his enemies - He can just let Shao Kahn take every soul in Earth Realm into the Soulnado, and then make his play for power with an unlimited supply of souls for him to feed on & gain power from whilst he does it.
  • Rain can do lightning thunder attacks. How does this make sense? Rain water becomes water vapor becomes clouds become rain water again through that familiar process we learned in school: evaporation, condensation, precipitation. And what usually causes thunderstorms? Those dark heavyweight-looking things called cumulonimbus clouds. So being able to do thunder is entirely within Rain's element, especially considering he's eventually established in canon as a demigod.
  • Nightwolf is also able to do the Shocking Bolt because he's in tune with powerful spirits who likely would grant him the ability to control water and thunder to some degree as well.
    • It could very well be that he draws on the power of Raiden himself, seeing as Nightwolf's bio for 9 confirms that he had communicated with Raiden for some period of time before the first tournament. Additionally, he refers to Raiden as Haokah (the spirit of thunder and lightning in Lakota mythology) a few times over the course of the story.
    • In the first movie Raiden expresses a hint of behaving like a heyoka, when he laughs after saying something dramatic. In addition, according to The Other Wiki, Heyókȟa is also a spirit of thunder and lightning, who is said to use the wind as sticks to beat the drum of thunder. This is a common point with Japanese mythology, where Raiden is depicted as beating drums to create thunder.
  • Many of Nightwolf's abilities are stereotypes, but others require some research. Nightwolf's ability to reflect projectiles? Ghost Dance. Charging? Indians were notorious for running ability in the 19th century, which also relates to some brokenness in 3. His secondary style in Deception is tae kwon do. Difference in disciplines aside, Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell won a medal in a martial arts tournament in his youth.


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