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Funny / Mega Man: Defender of the Human Race

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  • Dr. Wily gets a funny moment when he hears Blues's name for the first time.
    "And what's his special talent? Playing Cab Calloway?"
  • The scene with the jogger in the Episode 1 special edition.
  • Any time Cut Man makes cutting puns, since it's often lampshaded.
  • Vick-Tek's attempts to build a robot warrior ended up as examples of an Epic Fail.
    • Their first attempt, the VickBot 1000, tases a guy and then itself, blowing up.
    • Their second attempt, the VickBot 5000, was recycled from a Nannybot and a condiment dispenser. It squirts a technician with mustard and ketchup, then diapers and starts spanking him.
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    • Their third attempt, the VickBot 9000, was recycled from a dancing video game. It disco dances to "Stayin' Alive."
    • Their fourth attempt was a robot by the name of Toby... who flew straight up and crashed into the ceiling upon being activated.
  • Vickers gets drunk and mumbles about wanting his robot warrior to "make things 'splode real well."
  • Any time Vickers used his trap door, especially when he ejected himself.
  • Captain Fallout's album name "The Chronicles of Brad," featuring the hit single "Who the Hell Is Brad? (And why should we care about his chronicles?)"
    • Another funny song title is "Working Title (working title)."
    • Their first album was named "Rock and Roll Pinto."
  • Wily's "Mr. X" outfit; possibly even worse is ProtoMan's alias, "Pro T. Mann."
  • Guts Man calls Kalinka "Kettlecake" at one point.
  • Roll teasing Mega Man about Kalinka liking him, and how he likes her.
  • Cut Man's fear of Roll, which was instilled after she threw his scissors back at him and they stuck in his rear end.
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  • Snake Man trying to pronounce "success."
  • Sometimes Mega is so enamored with Kalinka he forgets to put his helmet back on after taking it off.
  • Roll trying to drive Mr. Black's car and discovering that it's automated.
  • Punk making his grand entrance in the training room in Episode 10.
  • When Wily decides to test Splash Woman's capabilities, he orders an area filled with water. Guts Man and Cut Man ask if he's building a swimming pool, adding that Wave Man and Bubble Man would like that.
  • In Episode 13, chapter 1, ProtoMan thinks Dr. Light is one of the most sentimental and least cool people on the planet.
  • The Robot Masters arguing in episode 13 as Wily tries to relay orders to them.
  • Mr. Wire encounters the Servbots in Episode 13 as he tries to recover Tiesel's hard drive.
  • Splash Woman echoes what many RS-MM fans think when she says Toad Man and his smile are creepy.
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  • Tron Bonne's immediate reaction when hearing Mega Man is in danger is to try and rescue him herself. She strips her hotel room of electronics for equipment, and notes that she probably won't be allowed a hotel room anymore.
  • Cut Man and Guts Man say that as arrogant as Burner Man is, he's not as bad as Punk.
  • Punk completely ignores the big fight in Episode 13, choosing instead to make snow angels in the pavement.
  • Tron freaks and runs away when Toad Man spots her.
  • In the Episode 13 epilogue, Tron witnesses Mega Man and Kalinka kissing. Her screech of horror is mistaken for a bird, and it cracks her binoculars' lenses.
  • In the interlude to Episode 14, Miss T's plans now that she's been made Police Chief are thwarted by the demands and tighter security of her new job.
  • The beginning of Episode 14 has Tron planning to scare Kalinka into giving Mega Man up by knocking on her doorstep with the Gustaff mech.
  • After their initial defeat at the hands of the Stardroids, Dr. Light decides Brain Bot can help.
    ProtoMan: You'd trust him to poke around our systems?
  • Episode 14 has a funny scene where Tron gives her brother a computer virus when he tries to hack into the Gesselchaft's systems.
    • Subverted when Tiesel hacks it and gives it as the Roboenza virus to the Conduit, making it Nightmare Fuel.
  • Dr. Wily attempts to shoot Sunstar in the back with the Jadous Sphere shard, but is foiled when the Stardroid changes his mind about staying behind and leaves.
  • ProtoMan calls Tango "Bingo" and "Pongo" to tease him.
  • After Bass saves Roll from Terra, Roll facepalms when he calls her his queen and comments that she'll never be rid of him.
  • Magnet Man sees the equivalent of a Mega Man boss door and wonders if the humans stole Wily's architectural ideas.
  • Episode 15 has a moment where Tron thinks she'll receive 505,000 dollars for leaking Mega Man and Kalinka's kiss to the press but instead will get only 5,000 dollars.
  • In an otherwise grim episode, Episode 15 has a scene where Nomad communicates with Peekaboo and tries to do the same with Rush, only to be told that he's a dog so nobody knows what he's thinking.


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