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    Meg's Boyfriend 
  • Chapter 3 has the Cutaway Gag of Peter beating Vegeta at checkers.
  • Chapter 18 has this part from the scene where Maddie is brought home:
    Chris: Oh, let me hold her! (Meg hands Maddie to Chris) She looks like you Meg, only less ugly. (sniffs) One of us pooped.
    Meg: (takes Maddie back) That's weird, Maddie doesn't smell- EWWWWW!!! CHRIS!!!!
    Chris: (embarrassed) I'm... gonna go change, now.
  • Chapter 20 has a Cutaway Gag in which Fred pulls Shaggy aside over him and Daphne seeing each other alot lately. He then gives Shaggy a red shirt with Starfleet emblem on it, and tells him to go to the dark basement where the monster was last seen while he and Daphne go to the master bedroom. In other words: Fred and Daphne are going to have sex, Velma and Scooby are going to go be funny, and Shaggy has essentially been sent to his death.
  • Chapter 21 has the Cutaway Gag of Peter and Zack pranking Bruce by leaving a flaming bag of poop at his door. It doesn't go as well as they'd hoped.
    • The Cutaway Gag of Peter spoiling secrets that various Mortal Kombat characters wanted him to keep.
  • Chapter 22 had the time that the Griffins vacationed to Shifting Sand Land.
  • Chapter 26 has several:
    • Jillian's Insane Troll Logic about where babies come from to enlighten Lois' "old and crusty mind".
    • Both Cutaway Gags that involved Peter and Zack fighting each other, especially the second one where they were disguised in a two-piece dog costume at a dog show, which was obviously Peter's idea.
    • Yet another fight between Peter and Ernie the Giant Chicken.
    • Maddie goes to Mars and meets Marvin the Martian.
  • Chapter 33 has both times where it appears that Cleveland was killed, but instead, it was what he wanted to show to the Griffins.
    Cleveland: Now you blew up the hot barbecue I was gonna give you!
  • This exchange from chapter 35:
    Peter: Excuse me.
    Employee: Yes, can we help you?
    Peter: Five words: Ash Ketchum and Patty Mayonnaise.
    Zack and the employee just stare at Peter for about 10 seconds.
    Zack: What the hell does an idiot and a lesbian have to do with this?
    Peter: I dunno, but their names sound like condiments! Heheheheheh! Condiments! Heheheheheh! Condoms!
    Zack: You'll have to excuse my father in law; he's hooked on stupid. He'll say the first most random thing that pops into his head.
    • The bad puns made by Peter and Zack as they try to build a treehouse.
    • After the family hears Maddie swear:
      Chris: Cussing babies? That's awesome!
      Jillian: No Chris! I don't want our babies to learn swear words! I don't want them learning words like damn, hell, bitch, whore, slut, ass, f*ck, sh*t, and liberal! Isn't that right, babies?
  • Chapter 38 has the time where Brian was attacked by hippies.
  • The entirety of Chapter 39, "Tanks For The Memories".
  • Chapter 46 had the Cutaway Gag of the time Peter and Zack were fused together as Petack.

     Meg's Family 
  • Chapter 3 has the time Peter bought a "hover car".
  • Chapter 4 has the time Peter lived with Kraang.
  • Chapter 6 has Peter getting his ass kicked by Kakashi.
    • A Cutaway Gag involving Maddie asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, which ends with Peter snatching it out of her hand and eating it.
    • Another Cutaway Gag which has Ariel cheating on Prince Eric with SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Chapter 8 has the time where Maddie had a cold and Lois gave her some chicken soup, but Zack gets overprotective and threatens Lois at gunpoint to read the ingredients for the soup, scaring her into crying.
  • Chapter 9 has Peter constantly annoying Zack at work over seeing a YouTube Poop to the point where Zack slams his fist on the keyboard in frustration, accidentally shipping Bill Gates' beer to Mexico.
    • Luckily, Bill Gates happened to be in Mexico to avoid lawsuits with Windows Vista.
    • A possible future if the curse from the totem head isn't broken:
      Meg had become Ron and is sitting on the couch watching TV
      Ron: Beckynote , is dinner ready yet?
      Becky: Almost, Ron. Maddie, it's time to eat.
      Maddie: Leave me alone! I hate my life!
      Ron: Life's been hard for her since she's become a hermaphrodite.
  • Chapter 15 has Zack getting caught on fire after Peter farts near the cigarette lighter. While Zack is running around in fiery agony, LOST comes on the TV and Bigfoot and Superman come in to watch with Peter, Meg, and Zack.
    • The Cutaway Gag of Steve from Blue's Clues in a porno.
    • The time Peter worked at the 99 cent store.
      Peter is at the check stand at the 99 cent store scanning items when something doesn't scan right.
      Peter: Dammit. (speaks into the mike) Price check on a can of beans!
  • Chapter 16 had the Cutaway Gag of Doug and Skeeter doing their own version of Michael Jackson's "Black or White".
    It doesn't matter if you're black or white or green or blue or orange or red or yellow or pink or purple or teal or magenta or beige or aquamarine or gray or lavender or gold or...
    • When the Griffins plan to release Tilly's mechanical shark to get Connie:
      Peter: Any moment now, Tilly should release the mecha shark.
      C.J.: You mean Ass Muncher.
      Peter: Hehehehe... ass. Hehehehe munch... Hehehehe decency.
    • When Connie's blood surfaces in the ocean by a real shark instead of A.M.:
      Zack: HOLY S**T ON A S**T BURGER!
      Zack: You guys wanna go to Burger King?
      Lisa: Yeah, Burger King's awesome.
      Doug: Yeah, I could use a burger.
      Peter: I like the whoppers.
      Chris: Whopper rhymes with Big Mac!
  • The 2 Whizzing On Oz chapters has several, but what takes the cake is the Running Gag of Tin-Man!Peter throwing his axe at Scarecrow!Zack's forehead.

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