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Lay all your love on me
  • If you didn't crack up when Sam was proposing to Donna, just look in the background behind Donna: the priest's face is hilarious. His eyes pop and everything.
    • Also his face when Sophie tells Donna she doesn't care if she's slept with "hundreds of men." The priest is a bit of a One-Scene Wonder on the whole.
    • Donna then hastily interjects into Sophie's loving declaration to clarify for everyone, "I haven't slept with hundreds of men!"
  • The swimmers from "Lay All Your Love On Me". Seriously; go see it and not laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of it.
  • This lovely line from Donna:
    Somebody up there has got it in for me. I bet it's my mother...
    • Given that her mother is still alive, Donna is literally wishing death on her!
  • Sam has a pretty good one too:
    So, Lorraine called me an idiot and married me to prove it.
  • Donna falling through the roof and onto the floor, right in front of her three exes, at the end of the titular song. Their reaction is that Donna "always did know how to make an entrance". How's that for a reintroduction?
  • Harry and Bill's heartfelt talk after the bachelorette party where they are both talking past each others like idiots is *especially* hilarious on second watch.
    Bill: Last night? [chuckles] You didn't know? [Harry shrugs] You didn't even suspect that you were...?
    Harry: Well, no. Of course not. That's always been a secret.
    [later in the conversation]
    Harry: You don't have to marry her.
    Bill: WHAT
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  • The introduction to "Super Trouper."
    Tanya: For one night, and one night only!
    Rosie: (cutting her off) Because that's all we've got breath for.
    Donna: (cutting Rosie off): Speak for yourself, you old bat!

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