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Everybody can teleport
There's a lot of scenes in which a character moves between takes way more than they could, like when Rosie falls from the roof and Bill catches her, or Pepper getting in the bench at the beginning of "Does your mother now", or nearly all "Lay all your love on me". The answer? Everyone has teleportation powers, which aren't discussed because they're just mundane for the characters.
  • They only work while they're on the island. That's why Rosie, Tanya and the three fathers still have to arrive in boat.

Harry is secretly a spy.
Namely, Harry "Galahad" Hart from Kingsman: The Secret Service. Two characters, both named Harry, both played by Colin Firth? Coincidence? I think not.

Sophie was only supposed to have two possible fathers in the earliest drafts of the original musical.
Let's look at the three dads and their importance to the story: Sam gets to have the big romantic subplot with Donna, Bill has the link to the island and the villa's original owner as well as the Last Minute Hookup with Rosie and him apparently being Sophie's actual biological father, and all Harry has is a minor character arc about learning to become more "spontaneous" and coming out of the closet. It's also noticeable that the little blurb describing Harry in "Our Last Summer", despite it not seeming like it, is in the original ABBA version of the song. Perhaps when the musical was still in its early stages of development, Sophie was only intended to have two possible dads, but the inclusion of "Our Last Summer" led to Harry being added to the script; even Donna's diary indicates this, claiming he "turned up out of the blue".

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