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Funny / Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT

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  • Alicia's various antics, like jumping in to join Nanoha and Fate's "Good luck/Do your best" session, to the shock of the latter two.
  • Precia doting on Fate in her most expressive way.
  • Hayate's annoyance at being called "Master" by Reinforce, so at the end of chapter 3, Hayate hides from the latter.
  • Precia's "explanation" of Alicia's "Paper Fan Smash" attack:
    Precia: Allow me to explain. "Paper Fan Smash" is Alicia's super-cute paper fan technique. ... That is all.
    Amy: That didn't explain anything... [sweatdrop]
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  • Ō-chama's failed attempt to do a cool Heroic Sacrifice during the Sky Dodge game. Suzuka, Arisa and Vita knock not only her out, but Levi as well.
  • Chapter 11 has team T&H Elements go through a gauntlet of Brave Duel players as a part of their training in the Florian labs, the reward being a nice dinner if they succeed. All of them succeeded, until they saw that the people waiting for them at the end are Stern and Levi who congratulate them on making it that far. Alicia then makes the assumption that the two are the gauntlet's Final Boss and Arisa is fearful that they are going to starve if that were the case. Not missing a beat, Stern plays along and asks if they should have a match, causing varying reactions from team T&H Elements. More specifically, Arisa is shocked, Alicia is surprised, Fate shows tired resignation, Suzuka is all smiles and Nanoha is excited.
  • Teana's reaction when she finally learns that Subaru is a girl.
    Teana: Give me back my innocence!!
    • Subaru's mother referring to Teana as "Another Victim," implying that this has happened before.
  • Chapter 7 of InnocentS begins with Alicia and Cinque immediately bonding over the fact they both look younger than their younger sisters in their respective families. They even call themselves "comrades!"
  • It turns out that the Nakajimas live right next door to Jail Scaglietti's home/Mad Scientist Laboratory. And that he is often on the receiving end of Quint's lectures whenever he gets too carried away by virtue of Quint being Jail's biological sister.
  • When Vivio and Einhart are shown that the entrance to the Yagami Book Store's basement area is in the middle of the room, they conclude that it must be some sort of teleportation device. As you may recall from an earlier chapter, and as the pair learns the hard way, it's actually just an elevator platform that drops slightly slower than terminal velocity.

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