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Funny / Loren: The Amazon Princess

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  • Most of Saren's responses when you choose 'Joking'.
  • Draco's Funny Background Event moments.
  • Chambara's route in the expansion has one moment, where she tries to seduce Saren/Elenor. By entering their tent in, uh, questionable wear. Needless to say, Saren/Elenor was not amused.

    The next morning, Saren/Elenor could tell exactly what he had unleashed upon himself.
    *cue Chambara beside them wearing very questionable clothing*
    Saren/Elenor: BY THE STARS!!

  • And when Saren/Elenor demands that Chambara leave their tent in that same moment, she just does that. Of course, nothing beats the awkward pause at camp when the group sees a half-dressed Chambara walk out of Saren/Elenor's tent. And Rei's cup falling.
    • Really, any moment with Chambara is almost guaranteed to be this.
  • Certain sidequests (like Draco's or Ramas') tend to be this.
  • That one sidequest where Saren/Elenor plays matchmaker for Dora and Ramas.
  • Chambara mentions why she thinks Saren stays as Loren's slave.
    Chambara: You like being under Loren's thumb.
    Saren: She does have pretty big thumbs.


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