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  • Kid Blue right off the bat.
    • Kid Blue Gun Twirling and staring down Joe, only to end up looking like a complete prat when the door smacks him in the back of the head and his gun discharges.
  • Abe imparting some future-born wisdom:
    Abe: Why the fuck [are you learning] French?
    Joe: I'm going to France.
    Abe: You should go to China.
    Joe: I'm going to France.
    Abe: I'm from the future: You should go to China.
    Joe: I'm going to France.
    • And he ends up going to China.
    • This is also a bit of a Development Gag: Rian Johnson wanted to have Adult Joe spend his future in France, but it was too expensive. The Chinese distributor, however, let them set it in China for less money.
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    • Old Joe says he never regretted learning French even though he never went to Paris. He asks how Joe's lessons are going, then says in French Worse than his younger self's that he knows Joe has a gun between his legs.
    Joe: What?
    Old Joe: Never mind.
  • The Diner scene where, after mentioning that he didn't have children, Old Joe kicks Young Joe in the groin under a table (also trapping his gun, which Young Joe had tucked between his legs).
  • Young Joe and some mobsters are trying to take down Old Joe and chase him into the field. When he gets in the field, they all stop, dejected, and Young Joe throws his gun onto the ground in frustration. Then they all remember that they're also trying to capture Young Joe - cue chase.
  • When Cid starts getting arithmetic problems wrong on purpose, because he's angry at his mother. His defiant look is absolutely adorable.
    Sarah: Count three eights for me.
    Cid: 8, 16, (Beat) 32.
    • Cid himself has a lot comedic moments involving Joe, most of which are his silent reactions to Joe doing things he feels should be common sense, like causing the toy fire engine to go off, and his motioning of Joe to shoot Jesse.
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  • The message of where to meet—Young Joe carves the name of a waitress, Beatrix, into his forearm, which Old Joe sees:
    Old Joe: That must've hurt. You know, there's another girl who works on the weekends.
    Young Joe: Jen.
    Old Joe: Yeah. Fewer letters.
  • After Old Joe kills off a massive number of mobsters, he hears someone running (loudly, for more than ten seconds) to investigate the noise... and shoots him the instant he comes into view. Seriously, Running Guy, what did you think was going to happen?
  • Sara and Young Joe are talking about Young Joe's evasion of Jesse into the field.
    Young Joe: *Trying to come up with some explanation about how he got out without being detected*
    Sara: Cid saved your ass, didn't he?
    Young Joe: ...Yeah
  • When we first see the initial meeting of Young Joe and Old Joe, the latter thinks fast and throws a bar of gold at the former, as the shot goes into slow-mo while the bar connects with his forehead and stuns him long enough for Old Joe to punch him out. When we revisit the scene from Old Joe's perspective, it's shot at a completely flat angle with no stylization or slo-mo whatsoever.
    • A similar thing happens when Old Joe shows up to Young Joe's escape from his apartment. He tries to shoot a guy at the top, only for his gun to jam. As he proceeds to unjam it, the camera focuses on his gun as Young Joe slams into the car in the background. And Old Joe doesn't seem to notice or care.note 
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  • Old Joe says that he doesn't want to talk about time travel because he would end up making diagrams with straws. A minute or two later, a deleted scene shows him making a diagram with straws.
  • The TK awareness billboard. "Get tested today!" Alternatively, pick up a coin?
  • During the diner shootout Old Joe sees a chance to escape and shoots out one of two panes of a glass window... then jumps through the unbroken pane.
    • It rather looked like he jumped through the middle, taking out the still-standing pane with him. The shot to get rid of the other one might have helped him a bit, actually.
      • If you look closely you can see the slide of Joe's pistol lock back after he shoots out the window, meaning he couldn't shoot again because that was his last bullet. The whole "jumping through the wrong pane" thing is simply a man under intense stress making a mistake, which makes the scene both funny and endearingly human in equal parts.

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