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  • The dinner party.
    • Albin when talking to the Dindons: "You should've seen the look on George's face when he told him he was marrying a woman (cue Oh, Crap! moment)..."I mean a white woman".
  • Jean-Michel addressing the "ironies" in the decor mainly composed of various homoerotic pieces.
  • "Masculinity", if only for Georges's pep talk to Albin: "Albin, you are the greatest performer on the Riviera. You've taken on the likes of Shakespeare, Moliere, and came this close to getting that tour of Dolly. Are you trying to tell me that playing dear, simple Uncle Al is beyond your range?"
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  • "Judas! ...Traitor! ...Heterosexual!"
  • When Dindon refers to Georges and Albin as "transvestite homosexuals," they respond, incredibly offended:
    "One transvestite."
    "One plain homosexual."
  • Though he's does not actually identify as a real woman, Albin is effeminate to where he still considers himself Jean-Michel's "mother" even before the dinner party. Also, Georges even refers to him as his wife at one point.
  • Any and every scene with Jacob, who's designed specifically to be an Ensemble Dark Horse. His entrance alone has him in a gown and boa ready to "step-in" for Albin. Soon after he's casually wearing a French Maid Outfit and/or Vapor Wear or some other garb of drag. During the third act he dresses in a completely over-the-top butler costume, looking a lot like an 18th century aristocrat complete with powdered wig.
    • "Zis for me, zat for you and zis for your Papa!"
    • Jean-Michel playfully dancing with Jacob during "With Anne on my Arm" kind of doubling as a heartwarming.
    • When he burns the chicken to a blackened crisp.
  • "Ladies and Gentlemen...and you!"

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