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Funny / Kevin & Perry Go Large

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  • Kevin running away, hiding under a bush imagining his funeral, and then your hear his mum shouting "Kevin! Tea's ready!". He gets up and he's in his back garden.
  • "Candice & Gemma have got new boyfriends. I saw them in the street with two blond bigger boys." "No, they're two blond bigger bum boys! I mean, gay lovers!"
    • Even funnier is the fact that only one of said bigger boys is actually blond.
  • Mr and Mrs Patterson's reaction when their sex tape is shown at the club.
  • Kevin foiling a bank robbery by setting off the alarm with his erection
  • Kevin and Perry head towards a local shop with a sock full of change, and the dialogue and sheer drama of the scene suggests that they're going to rob the place. Instead they buy a porn magazine, and pay for it with a lot of loose change. The shopkeeper takes his sweet time looking for the price of the magazine, while Kevin and Perry panic as a policeman decides to come in at the same time. Eventually they just grab the magazine and run.
    • Kevin and Perry are then fighting over the magazine when it falls out of the bag, just as Kevin's father comes along. Kevin then decides to lie down on top of it, in the middle of the pavement. When Kevin's father asks if he's alright, Kevin claims that he's just tired and fancies a nap. Then Perry lies down next to him. Kevin's father doesn't even bat an eyelid, and just continues on his way.
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  • Kevin's Imagine Spot of his parents conceiving him.