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YMMV / Kevin & Perry Go Large

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  • Awesome Music: Follow Me, Toca Me, Comin' On Strong and "Eyeball Paul" amongst others. This film has perhaps the greatest Ibiza dance tracks to ever grace a film.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Big Baz, Eye Ball Paul's lackey, is remembered fondly because he's a nice guy who tries to help Kevin and Perry out when it comes to his asshole boss.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Kevin himself. He's a stereotypical rude and perpetually exasperated teenager who only ever thinks about sex and girls, but he's surprisingly vulnerable and self conscious underneath his cocky and self assured exterior.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Kevin comes very close to crossing this when he signs for a credit card in his dad's name, he even takes it to the bank to pay for his and Perry's tickets to Ibiza; it's only the bank robbery that stops Kevin from using the card, and it's never bought up after he and Perry are rewarded by the bank.
    • Eye Ball Paul is an unrelentless prick throughout the entire film, but he crosses this line when he shows the video of Kevin's parents having sex to an entire club full of people. Fortunately it backfires on him.
  • Squick: Repeatedly.
    • "These are the last pictures of Perry the virgin, for tonight Gemma is going to see what it down my trousers. And what is down my trousers? Would you like a look?" Cue a terrifying shot of maggots and slime.
    • The 'bigger boys' at the club who vomit from a balcony all over Kevin and Perry.
    • "It's a floater!" when Kevin ends up accidentally getting Perry's crap in his mouth.
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    • Candice and Gemma getting ready to go out. Complete with squeezing infected spots and belly button piercings.
    • Eyeball Paul loses his eye to a vodka bottle in the end credits sequence. It's seen floating inside.

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