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Heartwarming / Kevin & Perry Go Large

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  • Big Baz, despite working for Eye Ball Paul, actually appears to be a nice person who is getting tired of his boss being such a prick, he even tells his boss to give Kevin back the tape of his parents having sex. Big Baz acts again when Eye Ball Paul is groping Gemma and Candice in the back of his limo; Big Baz swerves the car on purpose so the girls are sent tumbling across to the other seats, directly onto Kevin and Perry's laps instead.
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  • Despite Kevin's attitude, his parents are very loving towards him. When he falls out with Perry, Kevin's parents are quick to try and cheer him up, even offering him a cup of tea. When Kevin and Perry inevitably make up, and Kevin returns to his usual self, his parents are actually just relieved to see that he's feeling better again. They're also willing to take Perry on the holiday to Ibiza with them, paying for his ticket and accommodation along with theirs.
  • Kevin and Perry's friendship as a whole. Perry is very loyal to Kevin, he doesn't join in when everyone is chanting 'virgin' at Kevin, he just quietly leaves with him. While they fall out when Perry films Kevin's parents having sex, they're quick to make up again. And while Kevin is the one who (inadvertently) thwarted the bank robber, he doesn't seem to mind sharing the prize money with Perry.
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  • A more meta example; Harry Enfield states that in the scene with Kevin and Sharon in bed together at the party, where Sharon ends up biting Kevin's tongue when he tries to kiss her while she's asleep, it was the first time he had put his tongue in another woman's mouth since marrying his wife. Awww.

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