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  • Hyde has just killed the frankly obnoxious Benjamin, and now has several guns trained on him. He tells them that he's fast enough to kill all of them even once they mortally wound him, and that "What you guys have got to ask yourselves much did I like my boss?" Colonel Hart thinks he's bluffing but doesn't want to risk it, and stands his men down. He then adds this little gem: "And personally, I couldn't stand the guy."
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  • For all the Jekyll & Hyde scenario is played for drama, it's still played for laughs in a few scenes - particularly when Jackman returns from one of Hyde's dates.
    Katherine: Have you been drinking? Don't tell me you took the car.
    Tom: He drank! He took the car! Why am I getting the look?
    Katherine: How was your driving?
    Tom: ...Expressive.
    Katherine: I gave you a breathalyser! You've always got to check - you don't know where you've been! It's enough that you've got the ancient family curse, you don't need to lose your driving licence, too.
  • Hyde at a pub, in which he takes hilariously petty revenge on Jackman by ordering at least four drinks that are apparently "really bad for hangovers," and downing them at Super Speed.
  • The first encounter with Benjamin, and how it ends.
    Benjamin: You're wondering what the hell I'm talkin' about.
    Hyde: I'm wondering about that wee window up there and if you'd fit through it at speed.
    (Christopher stands to attention.)
    Benjamin: This is Christopher... and in the event of you attempting any violence on my person, Mr Hyde, Christopher's going to take an attitude, and believe me when I tell you when you don't wanna be there when Christopher takes an attitude. [...] Now, there's two things we can do, here: I can tell you what the hell I'm talkin' about, or you can try and throw Christopher out that itty-bitty window. I don't think he'd fit. (He raises his glass.) Cheers.
    (Gilligan Cut to Christopher, bloody and covered in bits of glass, hauling himself off the pavement. Hyde strolls out of the pub, headbutts Christopher to the ground, and practically skips away.)
    Hyde: Cheers.
  • Quite a bit of the dialogue between Tom Jackman and Peter Syme. From the first conversation...
    Tom: You don't do crosswords.
    Peter: How do you know?
    Tom: They're for fun.
    • And on the way to the zoo...
    Tom: So, since when have you been an animal lover?
    Peter: I hunt every summer.
    Tom: That's not exactly loving them, is it? That's more...shooting them.
    Peter: Well, it's a brief relationship...
    • And later...
    Peter: (Throwing away a sandwich.) That meat wasn't fresh. Now there's really no excuse for that in a zoo, is there?
  • This little piece of information:
    Tom: (finding a CD) "The Lion King and Other Disney Favorites".
    Katherine: That's his. I should put it away.
    Tom: He has "Disney Favorites"?
    Katherine: He likes the songs.
    Tom: My dark side likes Mary Poppins. No wonder I was bullied at school.
  • The first question Claire has when she's tied up Hyde? "What do you mean you haven't fucked anyone in days?!"
  • Benjamin gives this gem:
    Benjamin: I take total responsibility for any mistakes today, which means I FIRE EVERYBODY!


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