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Funny / The Jeffersons

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  • From the first show, as Florence notices how wealthy Louise and Helen are.
    Florence: How come we overcame and no one told me?!
  • Expect one of these moments anytime Bentley appears. For example, “A Dinner for Harry” George gets into an argument with the Willises right before a Birthday party he and Louise are throwing for Mr. Bentley. After he arrives, everyone is just sitting around miserable while Bentley is only one enjoying himself!
Bentley: My isn’t this fun!

  • When Florence laughs at Bentley's joke, George tells her to get back in the kitchen.
Florence: Just plain mean! I might as well be working for white folks.

  • Another one was when he showed up in “Lionel the Playboy” to celebrate New’s Years Eve, a month after the fact.

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