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Funny / Hubie Halloween

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  • Even if he's the biggest Halloween fan, Hubie gets easily scared by everything, even a young scare actor under the bed of a haunted house. He keeps crying out for his mommy, except that he doesn't know that his mother was behind part of all of this.
  • During the Halloween morning news broadcast, every female reporter is dressed as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.
  • Early in the film, Hubie comes home to find his mother wearing a t-shirt from the thrift store that says "Boner Donor" assuming the phrase is referring to the old, non-vulgar definition of the word meaning "mistake". Unfortunately, Hubie keeps this in mind later on when he tries to diffuse the anger of the town's teenagers at a party...
    Hubie: I've realized I may have gone too far for your teenage mental capacities and that is a boner on my part. (the crowd roars with laughter)
    Megan: I don't think he knows what boner means.
    Tommy: No, definitely not.
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  • Hubie saves a cat from being hit by a car. The owner, Karen, yells at him to give it back, which Hubie does by throwing it to her. As the owner keeps taunting him, Violet drives up and threatens to hit Karen with her own cat. The cat’s eyes BULGE in response.