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Headscratchers / Hubie Halloween

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  • Does Hubie have some kind of Ambiguous Disorder? Since I saw the film, it seeems, at least for me, that Hubie's mannerisms and attitude are too similar to that of the titular character of Forrest Gump. Maybe Hubie has autism spectrum disorder given his apparent ignorance towards how the rest of Salem's citizens mistreat him?
  • If nearly everyone in Salem hates Hubie, how did he get a job at the butchery?
    • I'm pretty sure you don't need to be popular to work as a butcher. And maybe they just couldn't find anyone else.
  • What kind of school puts a photograph of one of his students as the "Student who will Most Likely Marry his Pillow"?
    • School bullying wasn't as big of a concern during the early 1980s, so the people who made the yearbook could get away with stuff like that.
  • With how cruelly the citizens of Salem treat Hubie, why did Mrs. DuBois never think of moving away to another town where no one knew them so they could restart their lives freshly without anyone bullying Hubie?
  • Why didn't any kind of state authority intervene with how Hubie was treated at Salem? As far as we know, the police department hates Hubie as well, but the state authorities must act if there's a violation of Human Rights, and Hubie's rights weren't being respected.
  • Honestly, let's be clear. How is possible that an elder woman in her late eighties managed to kidnap a young teenager, a middle-aged couple and a much stronger man? Before the reveal, I thought that the one kidnapping them was actually an Eldritch Abomination who sympathized with Hubie...
    • The ending seems to imply to she was a witch with that cackle she gave as she disapperaed.
  • Why DOES everyone hate Hubie anyway? I mean, yeah, the guy's a weirdo, but with the way he's treated, you'd think he did something that pissed off literally EVERYONE at some point in the past.