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  • How To Make a Giant Kinder Surprise Egg features a rare appearance from both iDubbbz and Pink Guy, with an expectable outcome.
    • iDubbbz casually dancing before being clocked on the head with a saucepan.
  • This bit from "How To Get A Baby to Sleep". Complete with fitting music.
  • In "How To Deliver A Baby", Mr. Basic mixes three eggs into some milk, and grabs a pear. Think he's going to mix it in? No! He just chucks it at the wall!
  • The comment section of his videos are goldmines for these. The running gag is "Hungry kids in Africa could have eaten that (unedible object from the video)!"
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  • "How to Scale a Fish" has Mr. Basic attempt to scale a fish with a spoon, only to give up and throw it into the woods (along with two eggs). Made funnier as you hear what sounds vaguely like a splash as the fish lands.
  • "How To Masturbate". Everything he "does" are literal puns of various slang terms for the act (i.e. tossing a salad, beating a slab of meat, flicking a bean, and choking a rubber chicken). Bonus points because of what he's masturbating to: Eggy Sluts 5.
  • "How to Make a Thai Fish Curry." For literally three minutes, Mr. Basic acts calm and normal. He doesn't smash anything, he doesn't spill anything, he actually makes fried rice and fish with no oddities at all. And just as he's about to eat... he promptly goes apeshit on the food in ways not seen before.
  • Getting your friends to watch one of their videos for the first time might be fun to watch their reactions.
  • "How to Beatbox" has Mr. Basic make noises (many commenters believed they sound like Donald Duck) while playing with food.
    • A picture of a ram appears frequently throughout the video.
  • "How to Unbend the iPhone 6 Plus" features Mr. Basic using a potato as a phone (dialing and everything) to call someone (presumably Apple) to help fix his phone. This wouldn't be too bad if he wasn't speaking in garbled screeches (with translations provided via subtitles).
  • "How to Win From a Claw Machine" features Mr. Basic repeatedly trying in vain to grab an egg in a tiny skill crane for most of the video (the machine is full of eggs except for a doll head). He eventually manages to grab an egg, only to inadvertently release the claw's grip. At this point, he goes utterly apeshit—he takes the machine, smashes it on the ground, and takes a sledgehammer to it.
  • How to Cool Down Your Laptop, which has Mr. Basic dumping enough ice on that poor laptop to appease global warming (10 straight seconds of ice dumping) and then doing even more crazy stuff to it like violently throwing it into a refrigerator. The most hilarious part is the ending, where Mr. Basic throws a chair at the refrigerator. Totally out of left field.
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  • How To Break a Brick With Your Hand which starts with Mr. Basic slamming his hand on a brick but he fails at breaking the brick, so he goes absolutely apeshit and destroys his kitchen (including an oven and a microwave) with said brick
  • How to Prepare Christmas Dinner. It's his most normal-ish video to date, aside from the Thai Fish Curry one.
  • How To Make Traditional Greek Salad. Seems normal enough, until he adds hair and a whole chicken before he smashes the recipe in typical How to Basic fashion.
    • The Greek subtitles (βάζω αυγά στον κώλο μου) is translated as "I put eggs in my ass."
  • How To Read Twilight. The first sentence alone, cause him to cough up his own blood.
  • "How To Change a Car Tire" starts off normally, but Mr. Basic throws eggs at the tire and smashes the car window before going on a quest to find a new tire, which takes him to a tree to find one, but then he falls off. Luckily, he turns into a mannequin to survive the fall unharmed. He then gets to the beach, finds the tire, and then throws it at the car.
  • Face Reveal is full of hard lefts from start to finish, starting with the lines "Hey! VSauce! Michael here!" He then proceeds for a few minutes completely straight faced explaining his concern that AI was at risk of learning too much and becoming autonomous, so he made the channel to throw it off balance. He then flubs his line off the cue card off screen, sending the camera man into a fit of righteous indignation and frightening Michael. This is then revealed to be a joke reveal, but for that introduction, Michael really sells the joke!
  • How To Make Ramen is actually a fairly legitimate tutorial where Mr. Basic goes through the long process of putting together a bowl of ramen, and the finished product wouldn't look out of place in a five-star restaurant... And then Mr. Basic notices more noodles in one of the ingredient bowls and puts it in. The bowl keeps filling back up, and Mr. Basic keeps piling on more and more noodles until it's a huge mound of the stuff sitting on his counter. Then Mr. Basic blacks out, and when he wakes up, there are ramen noodles on literally every surface of his kitchen, stuffed into a trash can and the microwave, and all over the floor. The video concludes with him going to his bathroom, which is also covered in noodles, and he takes a bath in them.


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